Royalty Deferral Program FAQ


  1. What two months does this program apply too?


To ease the process of selecting which two months will be deferred they will be chosen for you depending on if payment has already been made. For example, if January has already been paid you will automatically be opted into February, and March. 


  1. If Option A is chosen, how will my rebates be applied under this program?


Rebates will be applied to the oldest, outstanding balance due at the time the program begins in July 2020. 


For example, if as of July 2020 the following months December 2019, January 2020, and February 2020 remain unpaid rebates will be applied to December 2019 first and continue to be applied going forward until the all months within the program have been paid in full.


If at the end of this process a balance due remains those unpaid months will still be due at that time. If a rebate balance remains, then it will be rolled into your next rebate check the following month.                                                                     


  1. Do I still need to report my gross sales and exclusions for the months that are being deferred?


Yes, all members are still required to report the offices full sales and exclusions as normal even if the office was closed. Additionally, if under $100, email: to enter zero sales for your office.


  1. Would opting into this program cause my office to be excluded from participating in Optical Dream?


No, your office will not be excluded from participation due to opting into this program.


  1. If I choose to pay the deferred months royalties as a lump sum (Option B) by July 31, 2020 would it cause me to fall into collections once these months become due?


No offices will be subject to collection efforts due to royalties deferred under this program.