Royalty Sales, Exclusions can be entered online now at: 

Make sure you have a personal/work individual email setup at My Office under PERSONNEL for security.

You can only edit your sales and exclusions on the same business day, Accounting rules states that we will have change any number after the business day.

Please email: with any sales and exclusions changes (Excel spreadsheets are welcomed). Please call 888-558-2020 if more than one month change is necessary.

You also can printout the "TV" looking icon and send in a paper check ALONG WITH the printed out worksheet to:


PO BOX 205835

DALLAS, TX 75320-5835

It will take 5-10 business days on average to get that payment and worksheet into our bank lockbox service, enter the data, then import to our system. 

Online is much easier by checking or savings account at this time. Please call for any assistance to get online, enter the sales & exclusions, save and printout, etc.

We are more than happy to help!