How do I sign up staff for Vision Source Learning?   

  • The Vision Source practice owner or a staff designated on as “Personnel Manager” adds the staff to My Insight
    • Click on My Offices – Personnel – Edit Personnel
  • This generates an email to each individual staff member requesting that they create a password
  • This staff will not show up on your manager personnel tab on VS learning just yet
  • Staff Logs into Insight using individual username and password
  • Staff clicks on the VS Learning tile,
    • Answer prompt asking if there is information in the previous VS Learning Program that needs to be merged
  • Once the steps above have been completed, the Doctor/VS Learning Manager will see that the staff member has been added to VS Learning and can now manage the staff on VS Learning.


Do I need a separate login for VS Learning?  

  • No, the staff will only need to remember the one user name and password and that is the user name and password that gives them access to Insight.

How do staff begin to use VS Learning?  

  • The staff can begin to take courses in VS Learning in two different ways. 
  • Under the Learning Tracks tile, the staff will find available learning tracks, which are course curriculum consisting of organized individual courses that will provide for a systematically organized course pathway. 
  • The staff can also search in the course catalog for individual courses pertaining to a specific topic.  Once the staff have identified the learning track or individual course they wish to enroll in, they can do this by clicking the enroll button.  All classes that a staff person is enrolled in can be found under My Courses.  By clicking on the course in My Courses the course can be launched so the staff person can begin the staff training.

Can staff enroll in courses themselves or does the doctor or VS Learning Manager have to enroll the staff? 

  • Staff can login to Insight and go into VS Learning search the course catalog or learning track options, and enroll themselves.

What is a Learning Track? 

  • A Learning Track is a defined set of individual courses that make up a learning curriculum or track. 
  • The individual courses allow the staff to learn about a set topic. 
  • Within VS Learning there are learning tracks that have predesigned. 
  • The doctor or VS Learning Manager can also create a learning track that meets the needs of the practice.

How does a doctor/VS Learning manager assign courses to the staff person?  

  • Once the staff person has logged on to Insight and also clicked on the VS Learning tile for the first time to set their profile, a doctor or VS Learning manager can see them in the Manage Personnel tile. 
  • The staff person’s name is clicked on and then the Learning Tracks tab is selected.  Here you will see the Learning tracks that are available to the staff person for current and future staff education. 
  • If only one course is requested of the doctor/VS Learning Manager it is most efficient for the staff person to enroll themselves.
  • If a series of courses are wanting to be assigned to a staff member, then the green plus sign in the top left corner can be clicked and a wizard will popup to walk the doctor/VS Learning manager through the process of assigning the staff member a learning track of courses. 
  • If the learning track is saved with a name that is relevant to the contents of the courses, it can be reassigned to multiple staff members without having to recreate this learning track for each staff member.

How does a doctor or VS Learning Manager assign a learning track that they have created to multiple staff members?    

  • Once the learning track has been created for a staff member, it needs to be saved with a name that will be recognized by the doctor or VS Learning Manager. 
  • For the second and subsequent staff members that the doctor or VS Learning manager want to assign this learning track for, they will choose to assign a learning track in the Manage Personnel tile, under the additional staff person’s name(s), clicking on the Learning Tracks tab and clicking on the green plus sign in the top left corner.  When the wizard popup displays the doctor or VS Learning Manager can then choose assign a learning track and choose the saved name of the learning track they wish to assign from the drop down menu. 

How do staff receive ABO or AOA-CPC credit for VS Learning courses?  

  • Within VS Learning you will see two options for staff to enroll in accredited CE courses.  Both options are identical. 
  • The staff person can click on the Staff Certification tile on the home screen to see the availability of CE courses and the information about theses CE Assessments.
  • Or the staff person can go to Learning Tracks and the CE courses can be found under the learning track AOA/ABO CE Courses. 
  • The staff will currently find 19 CE courses that are approved for both AOA-CPC and ABO. 
  • Each CE Assessment has prerequisite courses that must be completed prior to the CE Assessment. 
  • Upon successfully completing the CE Assessment the staff member will receive the appropriate CE credit based on the information they have entered in their profile on which CE that is needed. 
  • The profile information must be kept up to date to receive appropriate CE. 
  • For AOA-CPC CE, the staff person will receive an email with the CE Verification slip attached that will be needed when submitting for AOA-CPC recertification.  The staff need to keep these until recertification is needed. 
  • For ABO, a monthly report is sent to ABO of those staff successfully completing a VS Learning CE Assessment and this information is loaded into the staff person’s ABO tracker.

Can the certificate from the Transcripts & History tile be printed and submitted to AOA-CPC or ABO for recertification?  

  • No, the required verification and information is not included on the certificate that is available on the Transcripts and History tile. 
  • The certificate that can be printed from the Transcripts and History tile is designed for verification for the employer, office manager and/or staff person.

Can VS Learning courses be used for state licensure for opticians?  

  • The laws of each state differ, therefore it is recommended that the staff get licensure information from the state licensing department/board.  All of the courses within the Staff Certification tile are approved by AOA-CPC and ABO.  Some states may allow AOA-CPC or ABO course to be submitted for licensure purposes.  Please consult with your licensing department.

Can a mobile device such as a tablet or phone be used to take VS Learning courses? 

  • Yes, VS Learning courses are all mobile compatible. 
  • By login into a staff person can access all VS Learning courses. 
  • At this time, VS Learning is not available on the Insight app.